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Boka-Kotor Bay (Evening Program)

Boka-KotorThe Bay of Kotor (Boka) is an amazing creation of nature, combining the beauty of the azure waters of the Adriatic and the amazing mountain landscapes of Montenegro. The uniqueness of Bay of Kotor (Boka) also lies in the fact that this is the only fjord in the Mediterranean. We suggest you to go on a trip along the Boko-Kotor bay, to plunge into its magical atmosphere, impregnated with old and sea, intoxicating air.

The tour begins in a small village Lepetanya, from where we go for a walk along the Bay of Kotor. The next stop will be the small town of Perast, which is a model of the "Venetian era" and a significant historical monument in the history of Montenegro. The city is so small that only about 260 inhabitants will live in it, which are reverent to the historical and architectural image of Perast. You will find yourself in a city that contrasts sharply with modern life, bubbling beyond. The city is closed from cars, so you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity, enjoy the cleanest air and quietly inspect all the local attractions.

Mother of God on the ReefNext, you will have a boat trip to the island "Mother of God on the Reef", where you can visit the old church, whose history begins in the 17th century. Also, you will get acquainted with the unique historical exhibits presented in the church museum.

After visiting the island "Mother of God on the Reef" we will continue our boat trip to one of the most famous city ensembles on the Mediteran is the city of Kotor. Even from the ship you will see the grandeur of the ancient fortress walls of the city, which have survived to this day almost in their original appearance. The history of Kotor is so rich that it is still difficult for scientists to say exactly who and when laid the first stone in the foundation of this most beautiful and at the same time majestic city. The city ensemble of Kotor is full of architectural and natural abundance, and the narrow paved city streets are intertwined in a labyrinth with many interesting shops, restaurants and ancient squares, hidden from the eyes. Kotor is included in the list of the most beautiful places in the world and is protected by UNESCO. On the territory of the city there are the oldest cathedrals, monasteries, as well as fortress buildings and towers, including the famous fortress of St. John.

KotorAt the end of our tour you have an hour of free time, during which you can walk along the cobbled streets of the ancient city and enjoy the beauty of architecture, built in the "Venetian" style.

Kotor and Montenegro are two words that are rarely used separately. We are sure that everyone who came to Montenegro must necessarily visit Kotor Bay (Boka) and, of course, the ancient city of Kotor!


The price includes:

  • Transfer on a comfortable bus;
  • Accompanying Russian-speaking guide;
  • Boat trip along the bay;
  • Excursion around the cities.

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