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Montenegro 2017 - prices to stay

Cost planning for the upcoming trip you must ensure in advance that would not have happened that a few days before returning you have not left funds in existence.

The main items of expenditure (believe that tickets bought in advance) trip included:

  • Staying in a hotel or apartment
  • Transfer (Airport to accommodation)
  • Food (usually the hotels offer high Breakfast, and the apartments and no)
  • Trips when traveling for 10 days it is advisable to visit at least 2)
  • Souvenirs
  • transport (travel by bus or rent a car)
  • Tourist tax (depending on the resort from 0.8 up to 1,5 euros)

The price for two people per night 20 Euro (depends on the season and type of accommodation), transfer 60 euros. Food at nearby restaurants and cafes: Breakfast 5 euros, lunch and dinner for 15 Euro, the Tour 40 euros, Transport on all the time 30 euros (car rental 30 Euro per day) If not to abuse the purchases of Souvenirs, you can get 30 euros. Total comes to: the trip to 10 days holiday in Montenegro in 2017 given the all inclusive is 1280 euros for two. A more accurate calculation it is possible to hold when You decide the dates of the trip. Fill out the form and we'll let you know the exact amount of "HELP"

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