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Welcome to Montenegro!

Bay of KotorMontenegro is a really beautiful and amazing place that is equally suitable well for family rest and youth vocations. The name of the country on local language translates as “Black Mountain” that exactly illustrates the main wealth of this place – magnificent and majestic mountain landscape. However, not only mountain nature makes Montenegro so attractable for tourists. For sure, the most part of the tourists come to the country because of its clean beaches and azure waters of Adriatic Sea. The country is located on the coast of the Balkan Peninsula and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea from the south-west side with a coastline almost 300 km long. There are a lot of different beaches throughout the coastline: sandy, pebble, wild and even nudist ones. The main distinctive features of Montenegro’s beaches: the high level of cleanliness and unique healing properties of the sand. Moreover, the sea water is so clean that it’s possible to see the bottom up to 55 meters in depth.

Sveti Stefan BeachAlso, Montenegro is really interesting place from historical side of the country. In accordance with some scientific resources the first mention of the country is related to VII century AD. The territory of Montenegro was a part of The Roman Empire and then of The Byzantine Empire that influenced much on the culture and architecture of the country. Nowadays, there are a lot of historical monuments and sights across the country and some of them are protected by UNESCO because of its uniqueness and historical value. Especially, Montenegro is proud of its temples, monasteries and churches. The majority of them is still visited by pilgrims from all over the world. The country suggests a wide range of excursions to the most interesting places as well as huge number of entertainment and sport facilities.

Winter Kotor

A lot of people know Montenegro as a wonderful place for beach holidays and consider this tourist destination only during the summer season. However, this opinion is totally wrong because Montenegro is also amazing place for winter holidays, especially for people who are interested in skiing. Nowadays, there are two main Ski resorts in the country: Kolasin and Zabljak. Both of them are located in the mountains and provide high-quality ski services. Wonderful and breathtaking mountain views and nature, cheap prices and high-level of services attract more and more tourists every year.

Ski resort in Montenegro

The amazing location of Montenegro and its wonderful nature landscape create great conditions for the rest. A combination of sea and mountain air is excellent for recreational walking or cycling. Creative people will find an inspiration in the landscapes of the country and funs of the rest in the night clubs or bars will immerse into the night-life atmosphere of Montenegro that starts immediately after the sunset.

Welcome to Montenegro!





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