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Dubrovnik Dubrovnik is a unique ancient city with a very rich history and majestic architecture, which has been surprisingly preserved to the present day. Narrow cobbled streets, ancient houses and centuries-old walls are surprisingly combined with the boiling modern life inside. It is also surprising that most of the ancient buildings in the city are still a permanent residence for the inhabitants of Dubrovnik. The spirit of antiquity, architecture and the rich history of the city are tremblingly guarded by the inhabitants and amaze the guests, dipping them into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Franciscan monasteryDubrovnik is on the Croatian shore of the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, in the morning you will be picked up by a bus, and we will set off towards Boka Kotorska Bay, where we will transfer to the ferry that will take us to the ancient city. In the 15th and 16th centuries Dubrovnik was considered the mainstay of commerce, nobility and diplomacy in the eastern Adriatic, as evidenced by its majestic fortress walls, which you will immediately see when approaching the city, as well as its well-developed internal infrastructure.

During the day the Russian-speaking guide will guide you through the vast old city, tell its rich and sometimes amazing history, and also show the most significant sights and architectural masterpieces.

After the excursion you will have time to explore Dubrovnik on your own, walk along its narrow streets and find all the secret places that were lost in the labyrinth of the old city. Visit the wonderful shops, try the local cuisine and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which is still stored in the massive walls of Dubrovnik.

An excursion to Dubrovnik is an excellent opportunity, during your visit to Montenegro, to visit two countries at once! A fascinating excursion tour from Montenegro to Dubrovnik is waiting for you!


The price includes:

  • Transfer on a comfortable bus;
  • Excursion around the city.

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