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Jeep-photo-safari on MontenegroTraveling on off-road cars on the mountain open spaces of Montenegro will not leave anyone indifferent. Breathtaking landscapes and views of the country, will make every participant of the excursion fall in love. The excursion tour passes along the mountain roads and coniferous valleys of Montenegro, as well as along the Belasnitsa ridge. During the tour it is possible not only to admire the beauties of the country, but also to make a lot of photos so that the memories remain with you forever.

The excursion is carried out on fast, comfortable and safe SUVs that perfectly cope with any road and weather conditions. You will go on a journey along the mountain roads of Montenegro, having overcome various obstacles: blockages, steep descents and ascents. You will ride along the mountain Belasnitsa, which is famous for its nature, unspeakable in nature, beauty. From the top of the bird's flight, you can see the extraordinary, breathtaking landscapes of the country, and you will feel how diverse Montenegro is. You can also admire the national parks of Montenegro: Biograd mountain, Durmitor, the Accursed mountains.

The first stopping point will be the summer mountain pasture - the shepherd katun, where you can enjoy breakfast. After the stop, you will have a long and insanely interesting trip on jeeps in the wild with untouched nature. Highly qualified drivers will take you to the very tops of the mountains, where you can admire the stunning views of Montenegro and take great photos. Also, the excursion program includes hiking in the mountain forests, as well as horseback riding. After walking through the amazing mountain landscapes of the country, you will be taken to Kalashin, where you will expect a dinner from traditional dishes of the mountainous region.

Jeep safari in the mountains and reserves of Montenegro is a unique opportunity to enjoy the cleanest mountain air, to feel like a traveler and to visit places after which you can consider yourself almost a pioneer!



The cost includes:

  • transfer;
  • transport (jeeps);
  • professional driver services;
  • breakfast and lunch;
  • horseback riding;
  • dachshund of the national park.

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