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Exclusive fish picnic

BEACHES OF MONTENEGROA magical walk on a boat along the famous Budva Riviera and stunning sea cuisine await you during the Exclusive Fish Picnic excursion. You can enjoy the stunning mountain and sea landscapes of Montenegro, as well as swim in the clearest waters of the Adriatic Sea.

During the tour you can enjoy the beauty of Montenegro from the sea. You will see the old town of Budva, wonderful beaches: Slavyansky, Becici, Kamenevo, Przno and Korolevsky, as well as the fortress of the famous island of St. Stefan and the island of St. Nicholas that grows straight from the sea.

On the ship you will be taken to a private beach, you can get to it only from the sea side. That's why the whole beach and the staff will be at your disposal. As soon as you descend from the ship's ladder, you will be treated with a glass of "vine", which is an old Montenegrin tradition and a sign of hospitality. The beach is equipped with free umbrellas and sun loungers. You will find yourself in seclusion amidst the wonderful nature and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

You will find a varied sea dinner with local wine, beautiful landscapes and an entire island beach that belongs only to you! You will be cut off from the whole world, on a wonderful island, where you can enjoy the main riches of Montenegro.

Do not forget to take bathing accessories. We are sure that an exclusive sea trip, a fish dinner and a wonderful holiday on a secluded island beach will remain in your memory for a long time!

Exclusive fish picnic


The price includes:

  • Boat trip;
  • Fish dinner.

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