Горнолыжные курорты Черногории

Ski resorts in Montenegro

ZabljakMontenegro is famous for its beaches and the cleanest Adriatic water. From year to year, more and more tourists come to the country during the summer season to enjoy an amazing and fairly budgetary holiday. However, very few people know that the tourist season in Montenegro is not limited with the period from May to the end of September. In fact, this amazing country of contrasts continues to accept hospitably tourists at any time of the year, especially in the winter season.

In Montenegro there are two ski resorts Kolasin and Zabljak, which offer wonderful conditions for skiing and active recreation in the winter. In summer, mountaineering is actively developing on the territory of resorts, and nature lovers enjoy long recreational walking tours.

Ski resort of Montenegro is KolasinKolasin is a small mountain town surrounded by the peaks of the Belasitsa, Siniaevin and Klutz mountains, on which there are 7 ski slopes. The city itself is situated at an altitude of 954 m above sea level and it is famous for its mountain landscapes with centuries-old pine forests. The ski slopes are located some distance from the city, and to get there it is more convenient by car. The total length of the ski slopes is 15 km, the longest is 4.5 km. The tracks are equipped with drag lifts and chair lifts.

Ski resort of Montenegro is ZabljakThe second ski resort of Montenegro is Zabljak, which is located at an altitude of 1465 meters above sea level. Zabljak is surrounded by a mountain array of Durmitor, directly on which there are ski slopes. On the territory of Zabljak there are several descents, equipped with rope tows and chair lifts. However, the most popular are 3 main ski routes: Savin Kuk with a length of 3500 m, Stutz - 2630 m and Yavorovach - 800 m. Even in off-season in Zabljak, life is boiling – fans of cycling are going to participate in the annual cycle "Durmitor ring ", also many tourists come to enjoy the wonderful mountain scenery, walking tours, mountaineering and rafting.






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