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Mini Montenegro Tour

Cetinje MonasteryCetinje is the old capital of Montenegro, which to this day keeps the grandeur of ancient buildings and the true spirit of the Montenegrin people. The city has surprisingly preserved the ancient architecture in its unchanged form to the present day. Here you will learn the history of the country and hear about the traditions of its people. The tour will show the ancient city from the inside and tell about the life of the Montenegrins, which was formed exactly in the walls of Cetinje.

Cetinje can rightly be called a city-museum, where each building bears a true historical value. The city is thoroughly imbued with the spirituality and culture of the Montenegrin people, which can be traced in the amazing architecture of Cetinje. The most famous landmark of the city is the Cetinje Monastery, the construction of which began in 1484 and lasted for several centuries. Now the monastery is not only a model of the architecture of the end of the Middle Ages, the beginning of modern times, but also the guardian of priceless relics: the right hand of St. John the Baptist, the parts of the Holy Cross, the crown of King Stephen Dechansky and many others.

In the central square of the city there is the palace of Nicholas I, where an extensive collection of ancient weapons is stored, and paintings by various artists are presented. Also, during the tour you can visit the Art Gallery and the Presidential Palace.

Further, we will move to the national park Lovcen, through which we will get to the village of Negushi. The village is known for the fact that a well-known Montenegrin figure, thinker, poet and former ruler of the country - Peter II Petrovich Negosh was born and grew up in it. On the way to Negusi you can admire and make magnificent pictures of the panorama "The Stone Sea of Montenegro". And in the village you will be treated with local delicacies: Negush prshut and Negush cheese.

At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the Boka-Kotor Bay from a height of about a thousand meters.

village of NegushiМавзолей Петра II Петровича Негоша


The cost includes:

  • Transfer on a comfortable bus;
  • City tour of Cetinje;
  • Visiting the monastery;
  • Snack in the village.

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