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Skadar Lake (Evening Program)

Skadar LakeMontenegro is famous for its beaches and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. But, however, these are not the only riches that are stored on the territory of the country. Among the impressive mountains of Montenegro is the largest fresh lake in the Balkans - Skadar Lake. The area of the lake's water surface is 390 km2, and during the spill it can reach up to 530 km2. Skadar Lake is located not only in Montenegro, 1/3 of its area is located in Albania, and the Albanians themselves call it Shkoder. Mountain landscapes in combination with the lake surface and the unique nature surrounding it create amazing and fascinating landscapes that can enchant beauty of anyone. Skadar Lake is especially beautiful in the rays of the setting sun, when the day's heat drops and gives way to the refreshing coolness of the mountains reflected in the crystal waters of the lake. We suggest you yourself will be convinced of the beauty and greatness of the lake, going with us for an evening walk along its waters!

Our tour will begin in a small village of Verpozar, where you will be met by a boat, and you will sail on the tributary of the lake. Before you see Skadar Lake in its full grandeur, you will enjoy the amazing water scenery and the "fields" of lotuses and lilies.

As soon as you reach the lake itself, you will see an endless water surface, surrounded by mountains and stretching far beyond the horizon. However, during the excursion you will enjoy not only the natural beauty of the lake, but also traditional Montenegrin snacks and wine. Also, you will learn the history of Turkish fortresses, located on the islands in the middle of the lake. In the remaining time, you can enjoy harmony with nature and swim in the crystal waters of Skadar Lake.

ВирпозарТурецкая крепость Грможур

At the end of the tour, a sea dinner is planned on the shore of the lake, where you can enjoy amazing fish dishes and a stunning sunset, which, reflected in the lake, creates an amazing beauty game of light and colors.

We are sure that a leisurely and romantic walk through Skadar Lake, surrounded by magnificent landscapes, will forever remain in your heart.

Please do not forget to bring towels and other bathing accessories! Montenegro and Skadar Lake are waiting for you!


The price includes:

  • Transfer on a comfortable bus;
  • Visit to the national park and museum in the town of Virpazar;
  • Boat trip;
  • Lunch.

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