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Required documents for car rental

  1. Driver's license - enough of a valid valid national driving license, an international driving license is not required.
  2. Age restrictions - the driver's age must be at least 21 years old
  3. Passport - valid foreign passport of the lessee
  4. Driving experience - at least 2 years
  5. Deposit - in the amount of 100 €
  6. The amount of rent payment

Terms of car rent

Terms of rent

The beginning of the lease is calculated from the moment of signing the car contract. The car is rented for a period of not less than 24 hours (one day) from the moment of receiving the car. When renting for a shorter period, the payment is charged as for the whole day.

Rental prices

The prices include the rental price of the car, all taxes, including VAT. TO, insurance, green card and are indicated in euros per day of using the car.

Rent payment

Payment is made for the entire period of car rental (minus the amount of the advance payment) If you return earlier, the money will not be returned. At the end of the contract, it can be extended at the request of the lessee.

Car rent is paid directly upon receipt of the car on the spot. Payment is accepted in cash or by bank transfer to the current account, by credit cards.


The car is provided with a fully or partially refueled tank, clean, equipped with everything necessary (air conditioning, standard audio system, spare tire, seasonal rubber)

When returning a car with an empty tank or in a dirty condition, the lessee pays for refueling and car wash services

If the external condition of the vehicle makes it difficult to return when it is returned, the inspection is carried out only after washing.

The car can not leave the territory of Montenegro without prior consent with the lessor

ATTENTION: This information is relevant for car rental through our website. Other firms may require various document revisions - check directly with the landlord.

Montenegro Car Rental